Intercity Travel

If you plan to travel to a different city, there are various modes of transportation available, ranging from domestic flights, inter-city busses, trains, high-speed trains and ferry services.

Trains: Railway travel is also a much preferred mode of travel in Türkiye. It is recommended that you buy your tickets in advance as, especially high speed train tickets can be in demand. To see train schedules, stations and to buy a ticket visit:
Domestic Flights: It is possible to book your flight tickets through a travel agency or buy them through the websites of major airlines. Some of the major airline companies include Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet, Onur Air, Pegasus Airlines, Sun Express, and Atlas Jet.
Passenger-only as well as car ferry services from İstanbul to different coastal cities are available. To see the ferryboat schedules and to buy a ticket visit:
Intercity Busses: Bus travel is a popular mode of transportation in Türkiye. There are many major and local bus companies running throughout the country. While it is often easy to find tickets, make sure you book your tickets in advance for the major holiday periods. You can do this directly via travel agencies, bureaus of bus companies, or through the website of the specific company of your choice. Note that for longer bus routes, which can extend up to 12-14 hours depending on your destination, it is recommended that you either split your journey between different mediums of transportation (train+bus, ferry+bus, flight+bus etc.) or take a rest/travel day in between if you can, if there is no other direct mode of transportation available to you.
Car rentals: There are many local and major car rental companies to choose from. Please check the legal requirements and necessary official documents with the company if you plan to rent a car.
Using your foreign driver’s license in Türkiye:
Short term visitors who hold a valid driver’s license obtained from a foreign country can use it in Türkiye for up to 6 months and Turkish nationals can use their driver’s license for 1 year. To do so, you will need to have your driver’s license translated into Turkish by a certified translator and have it notarized. For stays longer than 6 months, you are required to convert your driver’s license into a Turkish one. To do so visit to create an appointment by selecting “Sürücü belgesi,” “Kabul ediyorum” and fill out the form. The required documents to convert your driver’s license are listed below. Make sure to check the official website for the latest information.

  • Your original foreign driver's license and a coloured photocopy
  • Notary or consular-approved Turkish translation of your driver’s license
  • Identity Document
  • Driver’s health report
  • Receipt of your “Driver's license, valuable paper and foundation share fee” payment
  • 1 biometric photo
  • Document or written statement indicating your blood type
  • Criminal record
  • Educational document/diploma. A notarized translation of these documents if obtained from abroad