Emergency Action Plan

Call 112 national help line for any serious health emergency, police, fire services or any other emergency. The line is available 24/7 anywhere in Türkiye.

On Campus Emergency Calls:

  • Mediko (Davutpaşa): 0212 383 23 18
    (Yıldız): 0212 383 23 19
  • Security (Davutpaşa): 0212 383 40 66 (7/24)
    (Yıldız): 0212 383 21 55 (7/24)

Emergency Assembly Points
Emergency assembly points are designated areas which are intended to provide a safe space for individuals in case of major emergencies such as a flood or an earthquake. It is a good idea to find out your assembly point and know where to go in the event of a major emergency or disaster beforehand. You can find the emergency assembly point(s) closest to you by entering your city, district, neighbourhood and street here: https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/afet-ve-acil-durum-yonetimi-acil-toplanma-alani-sorgulama. It will give you the emergency assembly point(s) and a map of the area they are located in.

Emergency Apps
Here are some emergency apps that you can have on your phone:

112 Acil Yardım Butonu: This is an app which contacts the national health emergency services (112) along with your location through a button, if you or others are in need of emergency help. The app requires an E-nabız password, which you can get through your E-Devlet profile.   
AKUT Güvendeyim (IamSafe)
: It is an app of the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) Works through a simple button that sends out an sms message to your emergency contact list along with your location. The default message states “I am safe”, which you can customize. This allows you to notify your loved ones without unnecessarily using the phone lines during a disaster, which means those in need of urgent help can access the phone lines easier. The app is designed for natural disasters such as earthquake, floods, and fire emergencies and operates even if the internet or phone coverage fails. https://www.akut.org.tr/en/iamsafe

Note: Türkiye is located in an earthquake zone. It is recommended that you prepare an earthquake emergency bag which includes basic supplies that you and your loved ones may need in the event of a disaster. This means having water, food, your medications (if applicable) and other necessary supplies which will sustain you for at least several days in case of a major disaster.