Sociocultural Information

Throughout history, Istanbul has been a home for people with different backgrounds. As a result, you can find neighbourhoods housing people with different religions. According to 2000 census, there are 123 active churches, 20 active synagogues, and 2691 mosques in Istanbul. People are free to practice their religion, and this is stated in the secular constitution of the Republic of Türkiye.

There are prayer rooms on both campuses at Yıldız Technical University which can be used by people practising any religion.

Note: Türkiye is a culturally diverse country and you will find that there is an open-minded atmosphere in İstanbul in general. However, you should keep in mind that various districts can be rather conservative. Take caution when visiting these areas. Make sure to check the dress code and dress appropriately when you visit mosques, other religious buildings, monuments or cemeteries, as this is regarded as a necessary sign of respect.