Registration and Paperwork

The enrolment of the new incoming international students are completed by the Erasmus Office, usually 1-2 weeks before the course registration, once the academic year officially starts. All enrolled students have an account on OBS (Student Information System), a student e-mail account, a student number and a YÖKSİS number (an official number proving that you are a student enrolled in a Turkish higher education institution). Check "online student accounts" section for more information. All students are given a student ID card (handed out by the Erasmus Office with email notification) and a student enrolment letter.

Student Enrolment Letter:
-Also called "student certificate" or "öğrenci belgesi" (Turkish), is available for download on your account at a couple of days before the course registration period:
-This document includes any information related to your study period at YTU, such as the department/faculty you are enrolled in, the duration of your study, your student number, your YÖKSİS number, etc.
-The enrolment letter is issued in Turkish.
-Please note the two important numbers on this document as you will need them throughout your mobility: Student number (“Öğrenci numarası”) and Yöksis number (“Yöksis numarası”).

Ph.D’s and Postdoc: You will receive specific information and instructions on your enrolment procedure soon.

Visiting scholars may visit: and select “Yabancı Uyruklu İstihdamında İstenen Belgeler ve Formlar” [] for the documents needed to complete their employment process. Please ensure that you have notary authenticated/certified translation of your diplomas and 2 headshot photos prepared beforehand for the document submission process to run smoothly.

Short term visitors: Please be kindly reminded that if you are visiting YTU as part of a conference, event or organization, you are to follow through with the registration procedures with the organizers hosting the event.